Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

Do you want your company to do more for the Environment?  Or do you, as an individual want to do more?


Now you can! We will do everything for you.  We will come to your premise, your garden, your allotment, take a look and work out a plan for you.  We will then set up the hive so you can sit back relax, and enjoy your bees.


More Bees Please are proud to present a fabulous opportunity for you to get involved in beekeeping, with as little or as much involvement as you want!


You can now sponsor, hire or adopt  a hive or 2, or 10.  You can choose to have them at your workplace.  Or you can choose to have them located somewhere else?  Maybe a local school,

Or maybe you are a local school wanting to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. We will assist you in a personal training programme to teach your pupils.  We can even assist in class room talks and demos with an observation hive and other great items the kids will love.

What about somewhere on display so all your customers can see that you are creating an amazing instant boost to the environment.  Your bees will literally start making a difference to the environment straight away.

What about a few bee suits for your staff to “learn” all about beekeeping?


What we will do?


We will take care of everything!. We will supply the hive, the bees, the equipment and the beekeeper.  We can give demos to staff and we can train your staff to take care of the hive if anyone wants to learn and become a beekeeper!.


Whats not to love Right! 


What do you get out of it?  


Fabulous PR for your business. Improve your company brand and reputation.  Improve the environment and know what an amazing impact you are providing.


Great opportunities for your staff to learn new skills.

Bees are great to sit and watch when working and coming in and out of the hive, a natural stress reliever when working a hive, great for team building.


You will get 26 Jars of Honey from each hive per year. 


You can sell them with labels personalised for your company, or give them to staff as a reward, or serve them at your breakfast buffet advertising your hotel or business!

Maybe your not a business, maybe your someone who just loves the Environment, loves bees or just fancies a large crop of honey delivered to your door that’s been made from your own bees in your own back garden? 

Share them with friends and show off, or keep them for yourself. 


I don’t think I need to explain how much of a difference having pollinators in the area make on your crops.   If you want to know more either have a look on google for some independent stats, or contact us and we can discuss it and explain how we can help you and improve your crops performance.