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We are a family run beekeeping business based in Sheffield & Rotherham. We are passionate about bees and the amazing effect they have on the environment. We are expanding our Beekeeping to try and improve the quality of Bees in the local area, and also the number of pollinators in the local vicinity. We have set up our own breeding program to improve the quality and disease resistant strain of bees.

We have over 200 hives in South Yorkshire & Derbyshire. We are ethical beekeepers, and look after our bees well. During the winter months, we ensure that the bees have enough honey stores to survive the winter, without feeding sugar syrup. We are putting the bees before any profit, unlike most large bee farming companies.

We also aim to introduce Hives to as many schools, raise awareness with children and hopefully find Beekeepers of tomorrow. Also check out our "More Bees Please" page for more information about our plan to spread hives around Yorkshire with the help of as many businesses as possible.

Our Honey is unpasteurised and filtered to the absolute minimum, to ensure you get the natural Honey how the bees intended. This is something that you don't get from shop bought Honey. We also sell other natural products from the hive, including Cut Comb Honey, Creamed Honey, Beeswax Polishes and a full range of Beauty & Pet Products.

Our beautiful gift hampers, Hive adoptions & Beekeeping experience vouchers are a great gift for for any occasion.

Hope you enjoy our products, as much as we do 😃

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