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The Horse & Rider Gift Set

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Our donkeys ❤ Honey, and in moderation it has AMAZING health benefits!
The hamper includes:
🐴 2 x Jars of 12oz Honey (Can be personalised with horses name -£3
🐴 Our homemade Leather Balm, to clean your tack
🐴 2 x Pet, Paw & Nose Balm, that can be used to soothe cuts, nettle rash, grazes, dry patches of skin, midge bites etc.
🐴 Lip Balm for the rider, to prevent chapped lips in the winter, can also be used to stop midge bites itching in the summer.
🐴 Our Homemade Horse Treats - made with Honey & Organic Peanut butter. (100% safe for horses)
🐴 A Pewter Pin Badge (Choice of 4)
🍯 Honey is natural so it is 100% safe.
🍯 One tablespoon of honey (21 grams) contains 17 grams of sugar. Therefore, the main reason behind feeding honey to horses is that it's a readily available energy source.
🍯 Honey's sweetness might also entice picky eaters to consume their rations.
🍯 Honey is not considered to be inherently toxic or dangerous for horses. Honey is natural so it is 100% safe.
🍯This food has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful for horses with arthritis and other conditions.
🍯The antibacterial properties that honey also possesses can be beneficial to your horse if it has a wound.
🍯 Applying a small amount of honey to your horse’s wound can reduce the chances of a bacterial infection while promoting healing.
🍯 If you apply honey to a large wound on your horse, you’ll want to keep it covered up. Consider using a gel with honey that isn’t very stick
Don't just take our word for it.....
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christine hughes on September 17, 2018 at 4:44 pm
Years ago a pony I had developed breathing problems after I moved him to another field. I gave him a spoonful of honey in some feed which I acquired from a friend who kept bees about a mile away from the field. After a few days of doing this he recovered completely.
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