Pollination Gardens

It is quite a new initiative that we have come up with and it is part of our bigger plan to help educate children about the importance of pollination & the role the bees have. 


We can provide a fully set up Pollination Garden in your school or Business which also includes:


- Wildflower Seeds

- A Bumble Bee House

- Bee Education Resources 


These come at a fee of £450 each.  However what we want to do is help schools to find the funding for this where required.  We are working with more businesses providing them with corporate sponsorship of beehives,  and wherever possible encouraging them to provide financial support towards local schools by way of our project.


We can also help set up crowd funding pages in collaboration with the school if needed, and there is no limit to the gardens a school could have.


Where we fit it, and what we want to do, is bring an observation Beehive into school, let the children see the bees working, find the Queen Bee, and understand the different roles undertaken by the Bees.  We also want to introduce the children to the different types of honey, and the fantastic health benefits it provides.


Once they have met the Bees and seen the importance of the role they play,  We engage the children in helping us set up the garden, plant the plants, and scatter the wild flower seeds. We then encourage the children to look after the garden afterwards, and maintain it. 

For more information, please contact us.